Road-trip – Visit with Art Students

A few years ago I received an invitation to speak at a rural Indiana high school. I was excited about the opportunity to meet students, to talk to them about my artwork and discuss the importance of art in life.

This March, an art teacher from a school in Ohio reached out to me and offered me to meet her students and bring my talk on art to their school. On March 3rd I set out to Union City, OH. It was a snowy and quiet day. But what a delight it was to set on a road-trip!


The students in Mrs. Austerman’s classes gave me their attention and I am so grateful be able to fill their minds with ideas on how they can let art into their lives and use it to be better people for the future world… the time when they will rule it!




This has been a great road-trip! And I hope there are many more to come.

If you are an art teacher in a K-12 school system and you are interested in inviting me to speak at your school – please contact me on my Facebook page. I am looking forward to hearing from you!