Mandatory Expression: Jenny Medenwald

Talk Today, as promised, I share with you our first – first interview with a writer, not a visual artist as usual. Meet Jenny Medenwald.

DBF: Jenny, please tell us a little about yourself.

JM: By day I’m a marketing and copywriting nerd and I’ve spent the last ten years working for many different companies marketing a variety of products and services. I’ve been writing creatively for as long as I can remember, short stories when I was little (I would dictate to my mom and she would write them down for me), poetry from middle school through college and finally, when I was bored out of my mind at a job right after I was married, I began writing books.

DBF: Jenny, what is your “catalyst”, what fuels your work?

JM: This sounds really cliché, but everything around me is inspiring. Overheard conversations, watching people, experiencing life and hearing my friends and family talk about theirs. Crime shows are my guilty pleasure. I often use the excuse that they give me great ideas for books and characters (and they do!) but I would watch them even if they didn’t.

WorkspaceDBF: What piece of technology makes your creative life easier?

JM: Keyboards! I can’t write as fast as my brain thinks, but my fingers can almost keep up on a keyboard. I also typically have a pen and some sort of notepad or scrap of paper on me at all times (because you never know when that next great idea will hit!) I admit that I have a tendency to use my smartphone now, but I still love finding bits of paper with scribbled ideas on them in pockets and the bottom of my purse.
DBF: What frustrates you the most as a creative person?

JM: Non-creative people. I think there’s always a level of appreciation between the two, but very rarely a true understanding. Us creative folk can’t fathom those who have no interest in some kind of art form and I think the other half don’t understand how our brains are wired.

DBF: What is the last thing you splurged on to help boost your creative productivity?

JM: Thankfully my passion involves spending very little money. The only thing I really pay for is when I need a designer to create my next book cover.

Book Cover EMYM

DBF: Please share a small tip or a word of wisdom with our artist-readers – something that you’ve learned through your experience as an artist.

JM: If it’s what you want, never ever, ever stop working towards your goal. If you never ask, the answer is always no.


Jenny’s most recent new book is coming out in late 2015. If you would like to connect with Jenny and follow her work, please Like her Facebook Page. You can purchase Jenny’s books through her Amazon Page.

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