Hedonistic Catalyst: Transmit Emotion


Have you ever been so moved by art that you couldn’t contain your emotions and was not able to hold back tears? I was overwhelmed with feelings in many large and small galleries. I shed tears on pages of many great books. I have cried in my car while listening to the compelling stories on the radio. One of such stories talked about life and work of Frank Gehry – architect whose buildings have been both admired and criticized.

Gehry spoke about architecture, beauty and art. But what moved me most was the simplest way he describe the meaning of art. “If you look at a great work of art in bronze from 600 BC and it makes you cry, some artist way back when was able to transmit emotion through time and space over years to today,” Gehry said.

Fish Lamps by Frank Gehry (c) INDESIGNLIVE Hong Kong

Fish Lamps by Frank Gehry (c) INDESIGNLIVE Hong Kong

Art transmits emotion through time and space. Feel the lump in your throat brought on by the angelic harmonies of a choir. These voices reach you from thousands of miles away. Smile at the victories of your favorite character as you turn another page of a book. Someone who has been dead for many years just stretched your face into a grin. Can’t peel your eyes away from the piercing gaze of the child in a painting? Velázquez managed to hypnotize you with a piece of cloth and some paint.

When I pass away and leave behind all my artwork, I want the shapes and patterns to continue their dance on paper. Sounds grandiose, doesn’t it. Well, why not?  

Read full transcript of the interview with Frank Gehry here: http://www.npr.org/2015/09/10/438944405/frank-gehrys-lifelong-challenge-to-create-buildings-that-move

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