Productivity Generator: Seek out Imperfections

Bulb I admit – I struggle with letting go of my artwork. Not in a sense of giving it away. I seem incapable of being satisfied with my work. When is it time to say “Enough!”? Stop me from ripping my artwork out of the frames for yet another touch-up. It will never be perfect.

Taking time off from painting for almost a year gave me an opportunity to appreciate my talent. No, I am not going to be self-deprecating and criticize my work. False modesty is not impressing anyone. I look at my work and I am stirred by the movement of shapes and the rhythm of patterns. I smile at the vibrant colors. I am enticed by familiar scenes.

Imperfections are part of beauty. I refuse to be perfect. Pursuit of perfection sterilizes art. Let’s make something flawed and utterly breathtaking!


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