Frustration Conduit: Statement of Fact


There are many things in the business of being an artist that I do not enjoy. I have a tendency of putting off doing the things I do not enjoy. Writing artist statement was one of the tasks I have put off for many years.

I always viewed artist statement as a condescending and pompous blabber. Until I was forced to compose my own. Then I was facing the task of explaining my art without sounding like a douche.

Unexpected side effect of writing an artist statement was a better understanding of who I am. Putting together words to describe thought process behind creating art made these works more meaningful to me. Writing an artist statement gave me a better sense of direction for my work. So, if you are new to the business of being an artist, take time with your statement – it is worth the pain.

I present to you – my artist statement:

While paintings and drawings do not make sounds, there is a great deal of storytelling in visual art. I craft stories through my artwork.

My latest body of work explores the human condition and the emotions that are manifested through folklore characters: pain, happiness, greed and anger. The anthropomorphic forms in my drawings are fueled by rich Slavic mythology. I chose these particular subjects because of the comfort of nostalgia and the deep introspection that they provide me with. I am inspired by the complexity of human nature as revealed in tales that are passed from generation to generation.

There is a rhythm similar to that in music that is present in my work in the form of repetitive patterns. I intentionally utilize a limited palette of bold flat colors to draw attention to the movement and heartbeat of the story. My compositions make the viewer look beyond the surface, beyond the form.

I activate negative space, which enables me to use paper as the primary material for my narrative. I want to entice the viewers to “read” though the brush strokes and between the lines and to see the blank paper full of messages guided by their imagination.

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