Meet our guest – Justin Vining

Mandatory Expression – Justin Vining

Once you meet Justin you realize why he is such a successful artist: what a fun, genuinely kind and positive guy! That personality shines through his work. Vibrant colors, flowing lines and beautiful themes – these are just a few things that made me fall in love with Justin’s work. Well, see for yourself – check out Justin’s website at Be sure to read his blog entries for insights on the business of art. Become Justin’s fan on Facebook.

Justin in his own words:

Image by ©Dan Lubbers

Image by ©Dan Lubbers

My story begins in the fall of 2007, I had just left an incredible job as an elementary art teacher to attend law school with my brother, who is three years younger.  Prior to law school I did not pursue my own artistic endeavors, I just had a passion for art.  However, right before finals during my first semester, I needed an escape from the books so I picked up a paint brush and subsequently painted a series of work that was much stronger than anything before.  Since this time I passed the Indiana Bar Exam, practice a little bit of law but have continued to focus on creating full-time.

Interview with Justin Vining

1. What guilty pleasure inspires you, what fuels your work? My studio is 10 houses down from the best microbrewery in the city, the Broad Ripple Brewpub. I’d say the Brewpub both fuels my work and simultaneously acts as my guilty pleasure. On a serious note though cycling is definitely a pleasure that I often feel guilty about because of the hours that get lost on the bike but it gets me out into the country and a chance to breath that fresh air. 

Studio 654, Broad Ripple

Studio 654, Broad Ripple

2. What piece of technology makes your creative life easier? Photoshop! Just to give one example, sometimes when I am stuck on a painting I will take a photo of it, import it into photoshop and add, adjust and further explore what I think the painting needs before actually committing with paint.

3. What frustrates you most as a creative person? Having a clear vision in my mind of a painting but lacking the technical ability to create it the way I see it in my head. 

4. What is the last thing you splurged on to help boost your creative productivity? Two limited edition screen prints by a San Francisco artist that are now framed and hanging in the center of my studio. I saw them, fell in love and bought on the spot. I have started collecting artwork myself and hang my collection salon style with pride in my studio. As I create throughout the day I love being able to look up and be inspired by amazing original work from artists all over the country.

"Flowering Dogwood" 10x10" Watercolor & India Ink on Twinrocker paper

“Flowering Dogwood” 10×10″ Watercolor & India Ink on Twinrocker paper

5. Any words of wisdom for our artist-readers? Hustle, Persevere, & Smile

I’ll take that advise and smile! Thank you, Justin, for an insight into your world.


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