Blind spot inspiration

Scientific research has proved that many things we see are actually constructed by a “fill in the blank” response of our brain. Fill-in phenomenon is responsible for completing visual information missed in a blind spot. Some things I think I see are not there. Others I don’t see because my brain replaces it with a different visual. My life is full of lies…

How many things do I miss in my blind spot every day? Let’s not even go far: how about just one mile radius from my house? This will be a true challenge – for those of you who know me well, you know that I tend to overlook the obvious.

A short walk around the town revealed some interesting finds.

I must have walked past the shed in an alley a hundred times. I never noticed this sign. Primitive art with a sense of humor.


Once the town leveled an old house revealing a building behind it I saw a beautiful stain glass window. It was partially obstructed before, but now there is a clear view of it. Makes me want to break into the house to see the window from the inside so much more.

Stain glass

On a serious note, learning to be an artist for me means to find inspiration in everyday things – things that we often overlook: patterns, shadows, marks left by time or nature. There are plenty of things to inspire us.


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