Frustration Conduit #4

Art-group therapy: Say it like you mean it.


WTF – artists’ marketing materials suck! Well, not everyone’s, but majority of the people I know who market their art or display it in any way or form to the public have hideous business cards, flyers or websites. I apologize, my colleagues, but how do you expect to make an impression with promotional materials that look like they were put together by a blind one-armed… you know what I’m saying.

You are promoting art – make it look like art. If you are not proficient in desktop publishing, ask someone who is for help. There is a number of services online that will create a logo for you or design a business card, most of the time for free or at a minimal cost. I strongly believe it is very important to work on the “package” just as much as on the “product” itself.

Here are some examples of sweet promotional materials, i.e. “packaging”:


2 thoughts on “Frustration Conduit #4

    • Miss Mossy, I admire shameless self-promotion! Kudos! Send me some of your promo cards and I will add them to the next post about marketing materials examples.

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