Loose Ends – new illustration

Well… this one is really… well, there is no deep meaning to it.

One of my patrons described it as a bowl of spaghetti with eyes in it. I bet you are not very hungry for spaghetti any more. Or not hungry at all, I guess.

I was recently rummaging through my sawing box. Yes, despite the fact that I have my hands growing out of my ass when it comes to traditional female skills, I have a sawing box. It’s a bit dusty and messy. I found a tangled string with just one loose end and it took me a good hour to undo the knot. I was not looking for a string when I opened the box, but strange compulsion forced me to goof around with this puzzle. All this pressure. Self-imposed pressure. As if a knot had eyes and looked at me offering a challenge. Wow, that’s something to talk to a therapist about…

Hmm... I cannot explain.

Nevertheless, take it for what it is – fun and goofy drawing. I think this one might make a neat t-shirt art.



Purchase this print on ETSY or see more at anyapany.com

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