Alkonost and Sirin – new illustration

Alkonost and Sirin – birds of Joy and Sorrow. Russian folklore often refers to these creatures as birds of life and death. Alkonost will offer a bogatyr’ (warrior) vial of life-water. Sirin will sing a beautiful song that will make men lose their minds and parish.

Alkonost and Sirin: Joy and Sorrow

Alkonost – the Firebird of Paradise, messenger of good fortune, half-woman half bird. With a name derived from the Greek mythological figure Alcyone (Halcyone) – married to Ceyx, she often called her beloved husband “Zeus” for which angry Zeus sunk her husband’s ship and caused Alcyone to throw herself in the sea out of grief. But gods had mercy and changed both lovers into halcyon birds.

Sirin – the siren of Hell, messenger of bad fortune,  her melodious voice is the call of death. Based on the Greek legend of the Sirens who lured seamen with their beautiful song and watched them crash their boats on the rocks.

They are after your heart. Who will win?


Now that you know what it’s all about, go get your own. Buy this print on ETSY.

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