Technology Savoir-faire #4

How did you like that one-month hiatus? Oh, you didn’t even notice, did you? Well, I’m back with a new technology savoir-faire bit…

Technology to make creative lives easier.

Last year I made a life-changing discovery. I love pen and ink and use these in almost all of my art pieces. I enjoy precision of the fine tip and ascetic ink colors. But most of the time I make a huge mess. So I decided to find a solution to my conundrum.

Keep in mind, I don’t like change. I used pen and ink since art school back in late eighties. I don’t like change. But then I saw someone use an archival marker for lettering and outlining… That blew my mind. I found a substitute to a pen and ink technique.

If you use inks – try artist markers. Most art-grade markers use archival ink and are much easier to use than ink bottle and pen. So far I tried Micron® for fine details and Copic® for an elegant brush effect or as a filler to cover larger area. I also bought a set of Prismacolor® markers for on-the-go artwork.

Markers I use: Micron, Copic and Prismacolor

I was always a little skeptical about markers, since my art instructors hated them and never recognized them as professional tools. But now with no one looking over my shoulder, I use whatever the heck I want. Artist markers are freaking awesome! Give them a try.


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