Hedonistic Catalyst #4

An indulgence that may help spike up your creativity.

Lunch with Ansel.

Camp out in the bookstore and spend a lunch hour looking through Ansel Adams’ photography books. Soak it in. Get inspired by the man’s skill, passion and devotion.

Many hikers take photographs of the same landscape from the same spot in the back of a parking lot at the rest stop at Yellowstone. But none of their photographs look like Ansel’s. No, he didn’t have a digital camera capable of turning the lamest of us into successful photojournalists. He had a box with a hole and plates. I am simplifying, but you get the idea. He had an amazing skill to capture light through that tiny hole in a box to show us the beauty he saw.

Roaring Mountain, Yellowstone National Park

Even if you are not a photography enthusiast, you can appreciate the science behind it. Photography: photos /ϕοτοσ/ – light, and graphos /γραοσ/ – writing.

Arches, North Court

Moonrise, Hernandez

Oak Tree

Silverton, Colorado

Writing with light. Think of that next time you click the shutter release button.

2 thoughts on “Hedonistic Catalyst #4

    • Dichotomy, Lantern, Supercali-and-so-on, Serendipitous, Trouble… These are tough, I only have two done so far… There is still time till Thursday.

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