Splurge/Save List #3

Happy New Year! Happy Holidays… that divide us in our religion, but unite us in our humanity. May this year be marked by challenging creative projects and inspiring collaborations. May this year be your best year yet! Cheers! I am raising my glass of chambooble for all of you.

And I start this year with belated post. Screw the schedule! Peace to our souls and torture to our minds! (other drunken babble continues…)

Invest in reproduction prints.

Whether you plan to sell you original work or not, it doesn’t hurt to preserve an electronic archive of your pieces (see Technology Savoir-faire #3 – Dec 23, 2010). Once you have electronic files, you are free to reproduce these pieces as prints. Art shows and retailers usually require a print run to be limited. I print mine in a limited run of 99. Pretty small, I know.

So many prints, so little sales…

How to make prints? Find a local print shop that can give you a solid advice on reproducing art. The best recommendation I received was to get art paper from art supply store and bring it with me to the printer. They trim it and print any size upon request. As far as printing process or inks, the printer can select the best option for you for the purpose or price.

I am still learning about printing process and color set-up. But I noticed that a lot of artists prefer giclee prints. What the heck are those? According to this article, giclee is any high quality ink-jet print produced using fade-resistant, archival pigment based inks, archival substrates, and the inkjet printers that use them. Giclee prints are more expensive per unit, but considering savings from not marketing and storing large offset runs, inkjet printing becomes an economical alternative.

Come back next Thursday for a post from our guest Ellie. Don’t miss it – she is the coolest chicka and a great inspiration.

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