Productivity Generator

Here are some cool tools you can try each day… until we meet next week.

1. PhotoJoJo: The website is a great book by Gupta and Jensen is a riot! Great book full of ideas for fun photo projects. Talking about getting inspired!

2. StumbleUpon: Try this – key in “Art” as a topic for StumbleUpon-search. See what comes up. You never know what you will “stumble” on.

3. Polkadot: Granted, if you don’t speak Italian, you will have to skip some articles. But this is a wonderful source of could design applied in real life.

4. ETSY: Easy way to present your work for sale online. You notice, I didn’t say it is easy to sell on ETSY. It is not easy, but if you have means to drive traffic to your shop – all the power to you! They just make it easy for artists to display their work for sale on the web at minimal cost.

5. Society6: An alternative marketplace. See all the artists exhibit their work and post it for sale. Society6 makes it super easy to sell prints, since they take care of production. You just sip the cream off the top – set your own margin.

6. Andy Warhol: Oh, the business of art! Here is the man who knew how to make it. Read about the man and the signature designs that changed art as we know it.

7. DoodlersAnonymous: Self-pronounced “permanent home for spontaneous art”. After looking at all the art on their blog – I am beating myself up for being a lazy-ass I am. There are people who do a drawing a day… Let’s start doodling!

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