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Mandatory Expression – Virginia Kraljevic

Have you met Virginia? You must meet her – Virginia is an illustrator and handicrafter based in New York City. After studying in Paris and New York, she worked alongside some of the world’s most renowned names in the U.S. and Europe in publishing, fashion, retail, television, and Five-Star hospitality. Some of her affiliations include Chanel, Miss Universe, Anthropologie, VANS, Vogue Hommes International, and Elite Traveler Magazine.

In 2007 Virginia co-founded a media production company focusing on international commercial spots, live shows, and graphic design. Two years later, she took over the company to launch her own product line.

Inspirational View

Virginia currently works from her home in NYC, with inspirational views of the Hudson River. (Source: Virginia’s ETSY Bio)

I ran across Virginia’s store during one of sleepless nights when I immerse myself into competitive research. I instantaneously fell in love with her style and commercial success as an artist. Not to be a total suck-up, but she became an inspiration of sorts. Plus, the girl had 100+ sales on her ETSY store – I could learn something from her. I was very excited when she agreed to share herself with us via this blog post. The master of brevity, she gave a glimpse of her personality and creative soul – read on brothers and sisters.

Sweet Virginia

Virginia, what is your Hedonistic Catalyst?
Environment is seriously high on my list.  I can be creative anywhere, but having an inspirational setting is food for the soul.

What gizmo or technological advance makes your creative life easier?
iPhone!!  Being able to email on-the-run, check my calendar, search the internet, have my portfolio on me at all times, etc. is kinda priceless.

What frustrates you the most as a creative person?
Paper jams.  Seriously.

What would you advise to save money on or invest into to boost creative productivity?
Depends on what your creative medium is, but whatever your main tool is, get the best!  Whether you work with scissors, cameras, pencils, or watercolors, etc., do lots of research to find the best tools for your needs and your work will thank you for it!

Share one of your creative techniques, shortcuts or tips that readers might find helpful.
There’s always time to do what you love.  Whether on your lunch break, while watching tv, by waking up a little bit earlier, etc., you can always squeeze in time for yourself even if your schedule may say otherwise.

Oval Forest by Virginia

Want more? Here is more Virginia for you: visit her blog and store.

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