Splurge/Save List

We are not wealthy enough to buy cheap things.

Business cards. If you are serious about your art, get serious about your “brand”. Start with business cards. Think of is as your calling card – the first impression a potential customer will have of you and your work.

Sample: Use an image of your work (cropped image of your paining, outlined photo of your hand-crafted item or a sketch in your “trademark” style in the background) to give a flavor of your work and your specialty.

Logo: Put together a little emblem that you can use on all your promotional materials including business cards. Make it simple – even if it’s just your initials or pseudonym typed is a fancy font. Be consistent with your logo and use it everywhere you can. I made a rubber stamp with my logo and use it to label my prints.

Contact: Make yourself easily accessible. List your contact information, whether it’ll be your email or phone number, or both.

Portfolio: Show the link to your work online: your website, online store, local or national gallery website, etc. It is good to show off!

Give! Give! Give! Hand out your cards to all: family, friends, neighbors, local art stores, local printers, your vendors, your customers, your babysitter, your mechanic… you never know where your card will end up with six degrees of separation.

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