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WTF: Marketing in Cyber-Age

Marketing in cyber-age truly sucks! Twitter, Facebook, Flicker, personal website, ETSY, Google ads, web analytics, blogs… does it ever end? How little is enough and how much is too much? It is absolutely amazing that someone across the world can pop on my website and buy an illustration. It is also amazing what it takes to get that person even remotely interested in visiting the site. Heck, I can’t even get my best friend to sign up for my blog (…facepalm).

Web analytics – not pretty

Alas, if the mountain doesn’t come to Muhammad, Muhammad will go to the mountain. Pick which online marketing tool works for you. Decide on the amount of time you will devote to this “vehicle” per day, per week or per month. Don’t get overwhelmed. Know when you reach the point of diminishing returns. If you can handle multiple online outlets simultaneously – more power to you!

Did you find a balanced approach to online marketing? Please, do share!

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