Splurge/Save List

We are not wealthy enough to buy cheap things or Don’t overpay.

Splurge on a website template.

Unless you are a wiz in web design or know someone who is, don’t waste your time slaving over website construction. Invest in a Flash website template from BluDomain (www.bludomain.com). They offer a huge variety of website templates built specifically for creatives. The price points are $50, $100 and $400. I spent about $140 on mine ($100 – template, $15 – domain registration, $25 – mobile version). www.anyapany.com is a Project One template that also has a mobile-compatible add-on (www.anyapany.com/mobile).

This investment was absolutely worth the money. Setting up the website took virtually no time. Most time-consuming endeavor was selecting and editing content. The only downfall is that Flash websites are not compatible with mobile devices (iPad, smartphones, etc.). Which means that if someone tries to pull up your website on their iPhone all they’ll see is… well, nothing? But most of my customers look at my site either at work or when they get home from an art show on a desktop or laptop computer. Mobile version of the site is plain and not very attractive, but is a feasible solution. Plus, what do you expect for $25?

I found a lot of negative feedback online on BluDomain’s customer service experience. I personally didn’t have much trouble getting help. Except I found it somewhat frustrating trying to get BluDomain’s marketing department to give me extra info for this plug.

In the end, your website is a great investment that gives you online exposure and can serve as online portfolio. If I can use a template and set up a nice website – anyone can do it!

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