Mandatory Expression

Guest interview – how they do it.

Brian Brosmer of Brosmer Photographic

Brian is a good friend of mine and a talented photographer. All my portraits on my website and this blog are Brian’s work. I don’t have to advertise his skills – his online portfolio speaks for itself.

Here is a quick look into Brian’s creative world…

Hedonistic Catalyst: Coffee – it helps keep me up on those late night creative pushes.

Technology Savoir-faire: Photoshop – I have been working with it since the 90’s. I love it. However I catch myself sometimes wanting to fix reality with Photoshop. Example: I was doing some pen and ink drawings at our apartment in Jasper. I bumped the jar over onto the tan carpet. The absolute first thing I thought about was I can just clone that ink blot out of the carpet.
But lately, I am really loving LIGHTROOM.

Frustration Conduit: I said early on in my career – anyone can be an artist. I think I am choking on my words now. Now everyone who has a digital camera now can take pictures, take photos of families, weddings, magazines and sell on the Internet. The simple economics is the supply of photographers out there in the area has grown a lot. This makes it difficult out there for others to sell their work for reasonable prices. I believe it is not just in the photo industry, but painting, drawing and fine arts. Why spend $200 on a piece of clay sculpture when you can go to pottery barn for $20.

Save/ Splurge List:
Save: Magazines. I love looking for creative ideas in magazines. Interview has some great photography. Don’t subscribe. Save a tree and go to the library. There are some great mediation spots in the library.
Fabric Store Clearance Section. Great place to find fabric ideas for backdrops.

Splurge: Adorama – I love this store. My wish list is so large.

Productivity Generator: Bracket – digital is cheap. Bracket 2 stops up and back.
Creative Suite Action Scripts. They are some really great websites out there for shortcuts, templates, etc. for most creative suite programs. Adobe creative groups are a great start. Why reinvent the wheel when someone already provides a rough canvas for you.
Notebook and Pencil in your car. Sometimes you have ideas that come to you at anytime. I have one in the car at all times. 20-minute commute can come up with some great ideas.

Check out Brian’s work at… and give dude your business, damn it!

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