Productivity Generator

Creative techniques, shortcuts, tips and idea generators.

Plan an Art Retreat

Location: Southern Lake Tahoe. Timeline: September 29- October 3. A group of semi-strangers made arrangements over the Internet to meet at Lake Tahoe resort. Their goal was to assemble estrogen-saturated team of art enthusiasts to embark on a 3-day inspirational journey. Results? Well, see for yourselves…

Sacramento: Asian man who didn’t speak English and tried to explain why he was collecting ginkgo fruit


This California girl can chop wood. Girl power!

Does this pine look big to you? How about now?

Teammates search for treasures in a thrift store. My “vintage-allergy” keeps me outdoors.

Productivity generator? Heck yeah!

Glass of bubbly in hand. Butt stretching out seat of a foldable chair. Eyes cannot even capture everything they see…

Left to right: Nettie, Jill, Kelly, Anya, Bev

One thought on “Productivity Generator

  1. your perspective is awesome anya…great, great photos, such creativity in your mind’s eye…sunset shots are stunning.
    sadly tho, i am not estrogen-saturated, being post-menopausal! lol!

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