Frustration Conduit

Art-group therapy: Say it like you mean it.

WTF: Paradox of Objective Art Review

Art appreciation is a skill that requires long-term training and practice. This subject was a part of mandatory curriculum in the art school I attended. I find it rather liberating to be able to look at art and judge it just like I would, let’s say… a motorcycle: engine capacity speaks to the performance potential, choice of the parts’ manufacturer give an idea of the overall quality, all the other technical specs show how this machine will handle on the road.

Looking at a piece of art trained eye can easily judge if an artist mastered technique, what style this work can fit into, whether the subject tells a story, if an artist chose and used materials skillfully. But do all these points define talent?

I say: “hells no”! One can follow all the rules and be the Yoda of a specific school of artistic method… but the fruit of his/her work is stinking lifeless and incites no emotion. Your ride sucks, dude(-ette)!

That is the reason why, in my opinion, art review can never be objective. I encourage you to be as biased as you can possibly be. Voice your opinion beyond technical quality. Be a true art appreciator – learn to detect talent!

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