Creative Productivity Toolbox

Last time on the DBF blog: … Let’s blog about obsessive productivity… for creatives.

Without obsessive productivity in art we would not see Monet’s 250 canvases of water lilies. The dude knew how to channel his obsession.
Since I am not Monet, my artwork inventory is much more modest and less attractive. A typical scenario for me is: get fired up about an idea, relentlessly pursue it for about five hours/three days, abort it in the last trimester and whine about what a talentless fool I am.
To reduce recurrence of this scenario to a minimum I am learning to channel my obsession. The tools to do it are simple.

Come back next week to see what I come up with from the list of tools for your day before Friday:

Hedonistic Catalyst
(An indulgence that helps spike up creativity)

Technology Savoir-faire
(Technology to make creative lives easier)

Frustration Conduit
(Art-group therapy: Say it like you mean it)

Splurge/Save List
(We are not wealthy enough to buy cheap things or Don’t overpay)

Productivity Generator
(Creative techniques, shortcuts and tips)

Mandatory Expression
(Guest interview – how they do it)

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