Sharing Obsession

Last time on the DBF blog: …The day before Friday is an über-important day.

The day before Friday marks the middle of the week. For the first three days we are just getting into the swing of things. By Friday we are used up and ready to retire for the weekend. That dreaded day in the middle is the only time left to get shit done!
I am obsessed with getting things done. I have a phobia of unfinished business. (Thank you, soviet school system for embedding an overachiever chip in my brain.) It is only natural for the day-before-Friday-surge-of-productivity to consume me (e.g. getting inventory restocked and everything packed for the weekend art show in one day).
Why not share this horrible ailment with my fellow peeps? Why not do it in the most impersonal and cowardly manner befitting a cyber-social introvert with a set of colored pencils? Let’s blog about channeling obsessive productivity… for creatives.

Come back next week to learn more about tools to help manage obsessive productivity in creatives.


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